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Arshoghni Vati

Introduction :

Enriched with Nimboli, Bakayan, Daruharidra, Khoon Kharaba and Trinkantamani Pishti, this classical preparation is extremely useful in Piles and other ano-rectal disorders.

Actions :

Arshoghni Vati efficiently helps alleviate pain and bleeding associated with pile mass.

Helps decrease the size of pile mass.

Indications :

Arshoghni Vati is extremely useful in the following conditions:

  • Dry and bleeding piles (haemorrhoids)
  • Fissure-in-ano and Fistula-in-ano

Direction for use:

1-2 Tablets 2-3 times a day with water after meals or as directed by the Physician.


40 Tablets Pack


  • Ayurved Sar Samgrah.
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