Sahul India - An Active Ayurveda Company

Welcome to your initiation towards a healthy tomorrow! The main spirit of Sahul India Limited is to bring Active Ayurveda in the most modern form to the lives of millions of people across the globe and work towards holistic healing of every individual. Sahul's GMP Certified manufacturing unit is committed to maintain the sanctity, integrity and efficacy of the herbs used.

All products that we manufacture has been researched, tested and developed at our own R&D unit by our eminent Doctors and scientists referring the ancient Ayurvedic texts, identifying indigenous herbs and subjecting the formulation to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new drugs and therapies.

We have successfully encapsulated our vision of providing herbal products and remedies to global market. This endeavor of ours is successfully reflected in efficacy and quality of all our products.

We research, trial, manufacture, market and export international quality herbal products. We have the widest range of Ayurvedic products that includes Herbal Teas, Herbal Personal Care products, Single Herbs, Classical medicine, Spices and Juices. Our Research and Development team is continually working towards developing and expanding our range of products.

Besides the Ayurvedic products mentioned above, we also manufacture Organic products that are free from chemical based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Our Organic range of product includes that includes Herbal Teas, Single Herbs and Spices.

The research and development forms the base of Sahul's operation. Our team of doctors, scientists and researchers has employed cutting edge technology to bring forth the pharmaceutical grade Ayurvedic products. As a confirmation to the quality, our factory got GMP accreditation at its very first batch of production and our factory is awarded with ISO 22000:2005 and are certified as per USDA and EU regulations for Organic manufacturing.

Background / Our Journey

The vision of Mr. Mahabir Prasad Agarwal led to the foundation of Sahul India Limited. The impact of neem trees on the environment has inspired him to plunge into deep research in Ayurvedic life style. He set up the Research & Development to use tools of Modern Science to create pharmaceutical-grade Ayurvedic products. We conducted the research and trials for more than 11 years before commercially manufacturing the products. Eminent scientists, researchers and technicians are hired from across the industry to give an impetus to the research and development and introduce world class products that controls various ailments to millions of people living in different parts of the globe.

Our Logo

The neem leaf that forms a circle resembles our vision to encircle the whole world with herbal products. It also represents proximity to nature, caring and protecting attitude from all harmful and adverse effects. Our logo is the visual impact of our brand identity and carries with it our promise of good health and well being for the entire world. The company started its operation on early nineties in Kolkata, West Bengal India and later spread its wings in different parts of the country. The company has set up an advanced manufacturing facility in Chamrail, Howrah and it is strategically located in NH-6 and only 40 minutes drive from the heart of Kolkata.

Sahul India has concentrated in developing products that can be broadly classified into:

  • Herbal Pharmaceutical
  • Herbal Personal Care Products
  • Single Herbs
  • Herbal Tea
  • Classical medicine
  • Organic products
  • Spices
  • Juices

Herbal Pharmaceutical Range comprises of General Health, Men's Health and Women's Health products that controls various ailments and supports longevity. These medicinal ranges of products are the result of our years of research referring the ancient Ayurvedic texts and using latest technology. These alternative methods pose no side effects but control your ailments effectively.

Our range of Personal Care Products comprises of Hair care, Skin care and Oral care products. Hairina Hair Vitalizer, Hairna Shampoo, Borovea skin cream, Abha Body lotion, Dentogum, Neem and Miswak toothpastes are some of the best selling brands of Sahul India. These ranges offer the best known herbal solutions for personal care segment by the entire family.

Sahul's single herbs are the extracts of pure herbs. These herbs benefit one and all irrespective of the individual's body constitution, health, metabolic functions, age, sex and other factors. The rigorous tests conducted by our R&D team have made each capsule of these herbs the right measures to give the maximum health benefits to the individual. Sahul offers a bouquet of healthful Herbal Teas, each offering explicit health benefits and balances health in a natural way. Our range of herbal teas includes:

  1. Cough Tea
  2. Diabex Tea
  3. Digestive Tea
  4. Ginger Tea
  5. Laxit Tea
  6. Relax Tea
  7. Slim Tea
  8. Stressrid Tea
  9. Kapha Tea
  10. Pitta Tea
  11. Vata Tea

Sahul's herbal teas are non toxic and are considered as 'Health Drink'. Each tea supports specific ailments naturally and are rich in great taste and aroma making it one of the most popular herbal teas in the world. The herbs used in preparing the teas are harvested at the optimum time to ensure quality and efficacy and are microbiologically tested to guarantee against contamination. Moreover, we use Oxygen bleached filter bags to ensure the purity of the herbs.

Sahul understands the importance of the herbal ingredients, their efficacy and effectiveness in the holistic healing of the individual.

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