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Triphala Churna

Introduction :

The potent anti-oxidant and rejuvenant Triphala significantly boosts immunity, improves digestion and metabolism, and helps in correcting Dyslipidemia. It is an ideal Detoxificant with mild Laxative action. Triphala’s therapeutic abilities range from protection against Digestive disturbances to prevention against Carcinogenesis.  

A combination of three therapeutically important fruits: Haritaki, Amalaki and Vibhitak, Triphala is highly useful as an adjuvant in Type-2 Diabetes mellitus, Obesity and associated Metabolic Disorders.


Actions :

Improves digestion, metabolism, immunity and overall well-being.

Ayurvedic literature elaborately displays its significant action in maintaining and enhancing Skin and Eye Health.

An effective Dietary Supplement with potent antibacterial action against enteric bacterial pathogens.1

Effectively lowers raised blood sugar in Type-2 Diabetes mellitus.2

Powerful anti-inflammatory effect against Gouty Arthritis.3

Significant Hypolipidemic action in Hypercholesterolemia.4


Indications :

Triphala is extremely useful in the following conditions:

  • Impaired Digestion, Constipation and allied Flatulence
  • Hyperacidity, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD)
  • (As an adjuvant in) Enteric bacterial Infections, Ocular Weakness, Gout, Obesity, Dyslipidemia and Liver Dysfunction

Direction for use:

1 - 2 teaspoonfuls (6-12 g) once / twice daily with luke warm water after meals or as directed by the Physician.


60 gm, 100 gm, 500 gm and 1 kg Pack


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