Corporate Social Responsibility

Sahul India firmly believes in overall development of the society and our commitments to the community are part of the core values. We trust that every human being has the fundamental right to a good quality of life that involves health, education, water and communication.

Through our several community initiatives, some of which are mentioned below, we put our best effort to bring happiness to the lives of the people.

Our social corporate philosophy is to ensure the community to develop with us.

The proprietors of Sahul India Limited have their origins in Rajasthan, India. Being spiritual in nature, the major community development activities are done through MPJKT (Mahabir Prasad Jana Kalyan Trust) near Khatu Shyam Baba temple in Rajasthan, about 80Km from Jaipur.

Some of the community development initiatives undertaken by MPJKT are:

Free Distribution of Medicines in Hospitals:
This part of India is a remote village and access to regular and life saving drugs is very difficult. People have to travel hundreds of Kilometers with ailing patients for their treatment. We have taken the responsibility to distribute free medicines in the local hospitals and have tried to do our bit to save the lives of the poor people there.

Hand Pump for drinking water
Rajasthan is a land of desert and availability of drinking water is very scarce. MPJKT, under the aegis of Sahul India Ltd. has placed many hand pumps for drinking water at various strategic locations for the local residents and pilgrims.

Communication was another major problem in the interior of the villages there. MPJKT has built tar road stretching more than 5 Kms within the villages.

Rest House:
Pilgrims come to visit Khatu Shyam ji temple in hundreds and thousands every year. Rest Houses with all modern amenities are built by the trust to provide free accommodation to the pilgrims. The trust also distributes food and water to them during their voyage.

Financial Support:
MPJKT provides financial support to build cow sheds in the Khatu region as Cow is considered ’sacred’ by Hindu religion

Child Education:
It forms the backbone of any society and thereby the country’s future. The trust sponsors and provides financial aid to the schools of the region to promote education in the backward section of the society.

The company along with Government of Rajasthan has planted 25000 neem trees on both sides of the road leading to Khatu Shyam ji temple.

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