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Erand (Castor) Oil

Promotes Smooth Evacuation of Bowels

Introduction :

An excellent Pitta virechaka, Castor Oil is extremely useful in the management of Constipation. It also improves skin and hair health, when massaged over these areas. Castor Oil efficiently nourishes dry and dehydrated skin, healing it from within. 



Actions :

Castor Oil:

  • Exerts Laxative action and Induces Uterine Contraction
  • Penetrates deep into the Skin owing to low molecular mass
  • Hydrates, nourishes and Conditions the Skin
  • Exerts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect owing to high percentage of Ricinoleic acid 

Indications :

Castor Oil is extremely useful in the following conditions:

  • Acute and chronic constipation
  • Skin disorders, burns, sunburns, cuts and abrasions
  • Musculoskeletal pains and inflammations
  • Excessive Falling of Hair
  • Dull and Lustreless Hair

Direction for use:

For Internal Usage: Add 1-2 tablespoon (15-30 ml) of Castor Oil in warm milk. Take at bedtime.

Externally: Castor Oil is applied over the affected area and massaged gently.


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