Sahul Noni

My wife and I laud Sahul India\'s efforts to bring in 2000 years old ayurvedic medication, the modern Sanjeevani, in the form of Noni Juice. Regular intake of Sahul\'s Noni has helped me and my family to get rid of modern chemically compounded medicines for almost all diseases. The best way to say Good Bye to doctors is take one ounce of Noni Juice daily. Sahul\'s Noni has changed my life altogether. Thank you Sahul India.

Md. SalimUzbekistan

Stressrid Tea

Today, a young child of 10 years to old man of 70 is suffering from one common problem - Stress. I was also not an exception. But today, thanks to Sahul India Ltd., I am much relaxed and stress free. It has nothing to do with my work or my personal life. This has happened mainly due to regular intake of Stressid Tea from Sahul India. A tea addict, I switched to Stressrid Tea upon medical advice and now the intake of all natural goodness of the Herbal Tea from Sahul India\'s range of herbal teas has made me all the more health conscious, and, yes, healthy! Thanks you Sahul India.



I regularly use Borovea Anticeptic Cream and found very effective.

Karen Lobo


Yes! It most definitely does prevent hail loss and keeps the scalp- and body- cool, upon application. I use this oil whenever I have a headache and soon my headache disappears! I even carry the sachet while travelling. This oil is good for both head massages as well as body massages, toning up muscles and restoring lost energy to the body. It also aids in memory retention!

Kanchan ChatterjeeBangladesh


Regular use of Antikrim is the best way to get rid of intestinal worms. My children are happy and healthy once again. I express my gratitude to Sahul India for this anti-worm medication!

Suman GaraiBangladesh


I strongly recommend this medication for those afflicted with kidney stones. The use of my medication helped dissolved my kidney stones-to which I am prone- painlessly and without causing bruising to my kidneys, helping me to pass them out with ease and offering a preventive measure to the future formation of stones in the renal region. A great cure for those who don?t want to undergo risky surgery to get rid of kidney stones. Eurinex from Sahul India offer a quick and painless way of riding yourselves of stone formations in the kidneys without affecting your daily routine!

Aariz (Engineer)Kazakhstan

Hair vitalizer

At the age of 45, I have a new lease to life. The use of Hairina Hair Vitalizer from Sahul India has prevented hair loss and given my hair a lustrous thick feel! Hairina Hair Vitalizer prevents premature graying and helps prevent dandruff! I can vouch for it! The use of Hairina Hair Vitalizer has given my tresses bounce and shine and has aided in strengthening my roots. Thank you Sahul India.



Being in the performing arts, a happy healthy smile is a necessity. Thank you Dentogum for keeping my teeth sparkling white! The use of Dentogum aids in the removal of dental plaque and food which sticks to the teeth. I recommend using Dentogum three times a day after meal. Not only do teeth look sparkling white, Dentogum effectively combats plaque, teeth cavities and prevents tooth and gum disease.



The use of Sennabael has resulted in regular bowel movements for myself and my entire family. It may be safely used by children under medical supervision and exhibits none of the side effects caused by chemically compounded laxatives which include abdominal pain, diarrhea ,bloating, dehydration and nausea amongst other symptoms. Thank you Sennabael! Today I lead a well-balanced life, having no digestive problems. The mornings are a pleasure to wake up to! Sennabael keep the bowels soft in a healthy natural way without whipping the colon as happens through the use if chemically compounded mixtures. I fully endorse the use of Sennabael for all my patients.

Dr. A. StephanoesNew Zealand


I would like to thank Sahul India for Diabiz. I have been using it regularly under medical supervision and would like to mention that I am rid of my insulin-dependence. As a first time-mother, I would like to share with the world the fact that I have given birth to a healthy child. I would like to mention here that I used Diabiz during my pregnancy to successfully keep any traces of gestational diabetes under check. I fully endorse Diabiz from Sahul India as a safe measure used to bring both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes into check. This medicine is safe for expectant mothers too and may be used during pregnancy to keep gestational diabetes at bay.


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